Renaissance Interactive


Renaissance Interactive, is the eLearning initiative fo Renaissance Strategic Consultants. It brings together our passion for teaching with our experience of management best practices, understanding of the corporate environment both in India and globally and our deep expertise of technology.

We believe that “People love to learn, but hate to be taught”

Our learning solutions are different, as “We make learning serious fun”.

Some of the work done by us revolves in the below mentioned areas

Explain your Company / Product / Service

How do you stand out from the crowd and really keep your customer’s interest ?

Every business, whether it is a large enterprise, a small company or a mid-sized organization has to communicate with their customers to explain who they are and what they offer.

  • Communicating the intended messages
  • Highly interactive content

Content Development

How do you convert internal powerpoint and word content to interesting and engaging learning sessions?

It is vital to adjust complexity and difficulty levels of the content to the learner’s current needs and ability to comprehend. We work with you to do this through:

  • Rapid Authoring
  • Mobile Learning
  • Localisation
  • Interactivity


I understand elearning but have never done it. Will I have to invest in a costly LMS?
We run e-learning courses but the response is not good. We have to send multiple reminders to get people to complete courses. How can we make this something our people want to do?

We can help with:

  • Online Training Strategy
  • Course Design 
  • Managed Learning Service 
  • Technology Guidance  
  • Content Development Capability

Train your employees & partners

How do you communicate critical policies in a way that employees get the message?
Can you measure the effectiveness of compliance and safety training? Why do employees have basic questions on policies that have already been communicated?

Renaissance Interactive works with you to understand your critical messages, create examples which relate these policies to the employee’s day to day work life, and build interesting situations to test understanding of the situations presented.

Some of the topics covered under eLearning modules include:

  • Compliance and Policy
  • Sales Product Training
  • New Hire Induction 
  • HR and Management 
  • Process or Application Training