Created in 1926 in France, today Cegos is an organisation with a strong foundation of more than 80 years of experience in Human Resource Development, Training and Operational Consulting. Cegos is Europe’s largest training organisation and one of the world leaders in professional development.
Cegos trains more than 200,000 people each year and today has 28 offices in 50 countries, trains in over 14 languages, and has 1,200 employees across the globe.
Cegos has a significant number of global MNCs as world-wide training partners. Our partnership with Cegos began in 2006 with Project Management modules for Carbone Lorraine. This relationship has sustained and grown over the past few years.

Cultural Intelligence Center – CQC

The Cultural Intelligence Center (CQC) is dedicated to improving the understanding of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Led by Dr. David Livermore and Dr. Linn Van Dyne, the center offers the first academically validated instrument to measure cultural intelligence.

The center also sponsors research, conducts training, and presents workshops and information sessions on CQ to audiences around the world. It offers personalized cultural intelligence multi-rater feedback reports as well as cultural intelligence workshops that emphasize experiential learning.

Over the years, CQC has worked with companies like Coca Cola, BMW, Shell, Google and many more in the area of cultural intelligence. CQC has partnered with Renaissance Strategic Consultants for South Asia.


Curiosity Gym

Curiosity Gym was set up with the purpose of being a place for you to catalyse your own curiosity and imagine your next question.

Curiosity Gym offers a shared learning environment for individuals looking to sparking one’s own curiosity through applied learning, tinkering, prototyping or making. It brings cutting edge tools used for prototyping to individuals and provides them with a much more immersive process. Some of the technologies used are: 3D printing, 3D Doodlingm, Lego, Arduino / Other Shields / with sensors and actuators amongst many others.


The name Anvetion comes from two words; the Sanskrit word Anveshan which means ‘search for meaning’ and the word innovation. We seek to create innovation in management thought and practice through substantive research and insight. Anvetion also has its tagline ‘helping to build companies that care’. While this is largely reflected in our ‘share of heart’ practice, we also participate actively in helping companies work through ways in which their brand and company values as well as their CSR strategy can reinforce each other. We believe that this has huge potential, in terms of the emotional engagement that is possible when the individual employee identifies and participates in the company’s CSR initiative. We do this by leveraging our own research from both the CSR and branding domains and independently pursue our own research into models by which profit and non-profits can work together to create sustainable organizations and communities.