Who We Are

Renaissance Strategic Consultants is one of India’s leading training and consulting companies set up with the aim of helping organisations design and implement real change. 


Renaissance was founded by Dr. Ranjan Banerjee. At Reniassance he set up the Innovation & Change Management practice. He did his B.Tech from IIT-B, MBA from IIM-C, & in 2010 completed his Ph.D. from Carlson School, University of Minnesota. Ranjan (a.k.a RB) is an ardent foodie and follows cricket religiously. He spends most of his time reading, writing, mentoring and teaching. He currently serves as Dean and Professor-Marketing at ‎BITSoM (BITS School of Management).


Our consultants help clients significantly transform their organisations through customized solutions. These solutions have their basis in research and academic thinking. Some of our high profile clients call us a “Pracademic™ Consulting Company”, which blends immediately implementable practical advice along with cutting edge insights from academia.

We are good at listening

And believe in understanding your requirements before we advise you on what is best for you. We uncover and understand the business goal and help you in achieving it.

We design content

Which is realistic and challenging and this helps employees in being prepared for similar situations which may arise in the future.

We have experience

In transforming this understanding into highly engaging and memorable content by increasing its relevance to the audience and their work.People don’t like being taught but would rather learn. We believe in developing inclusive content which makes the target audience feel a part of the learning process. Our expertise in cutting edge work enables us in making the content adaptable to changing needs of your organisation and the business landscape.