At the heart of the Renaissance Way of Working (WOW), is a genuine commitment to our customers’ business objectives. We typically begin an engagement by getting a firsthand feel of the issues in the organisation.

After we go through the initial brief, a round of secondary research kicks in. We conduct a deep dive of the industry and the organisation. We interact with past employees, industry experts, and take into account national and international benchmarks.

Typically, if the objectives require specialized inputs in a specific practice, we browse our internal library of relevant best practice, as well as the latest academic and managerial literature in the domain. We draw our insights from the areas of management, strategy, organisational behaviour and the core underlying disciplines of economics, sociology and psychology.

We then revert to the client with a concept note: this outlines the deliverables, the approach towards arriving at recommendations, an overview of the relevant theoretical constructs we will bring to the assignment, and a road map to implementation.

In short, we are the ‘outside insider’ in your business.

We combine the objectivity of an outsider, with the contextual understanding and cultural sensitivity of the passionate insider. We roll up our sleeves, immerse in your business, and ensure that we not only speak your language, but also customise our inputs to your organisation. A common feedback from our customers is that ‘we find you guys easy to talk to’. We continually refresh our inputs using the latest research in the field and are in touch with the latest global research. We are not satisfied when you are satisfied. We are satisfied only when you are successful.

After alignment with goals and metrics, the project is formalized and execution begins. Often conversations with customers, employees across levels and functions are used to initiate the deep dive. We also incorporate immersive research methods at this stage.

Often, an engagement is then put into a fast forward mode through an alignment workshop. The Endeavour here is to get the relevant stakeholders on the same page, and create shared direction and guide coalition for the workshop. This aids the sharing of observations and recommendations; fine tuning of their implementation and getting the “buy in” of proposed changes from the key internal stakeholders

We then work hand in hand with project teams to implement the changes agreed upon, provide conceptual inputs and support where requested. The engagement typically concludes with a final review workshop with the same team which created the original road map.