We help our clients navigate and leverage cultural differences, across nationalities, ethnicities, generations, functions, or organizations. We work on specific cross-cultural challenges ranging from international project management, building trust, managing conflicts, cross-cultural communication and others.

We focus on developing Cultural Intelligence by helping our participants

  • Learn to accept worldviews different from their own.
  • Adapt their work style to accommodate different other styles.
  • Handle cross-cultural work situations with confidence and sensitivity.
  • Effectively manage client relations and stakeholders across cultural contexts
  • Mitigate the effect of culturally influenced unconscious biases at work
  • Demonstrate cultural competence, as an individual contributor as well as a leader.

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

  • For senior managers / leaders working extensively with international stakeholders.
  • Purpose – Leading operation & projects effectively across cultural boundaries
  • Includes CQ assessment.

Developing Cultural Intelligence

  • For junior to mid-level employees working with international colleagues & customers, face to face or remote.
  • Purpose – Working effectively across cultural differences with sensitivity & confidence.
  • Includes CQ assessment with individual and team reports.

Coaching for Global mindset & skillset

  • For Indian and expatriateleaders
  • Built around specific business challenges like building trust, managing teams,communicating, international project management.
  • Assessments (recommended)
  • Duration – 4 or 8 hours spread over multiple days

Culture Deep Dives

  • Across profiles.
  • Purpose -deep dive into habits, expectations, values,beliefs, and stereotypes linked to the target culture.