We Are

We are good at listening to both rational and emotional. This helps us in understanding the stated and also the underlying unstated needs.

We customize both content and context to give you learning that is realistic and challenging.

We have experience of over two decades, working with businesses spanning industries, markets and geographies.

We believe in interactivity and our slides are only for recap!

We believe people love to learn, but hate to be taught.



Customer centricity We invest in understanding our customer’s business and speak their language.


Integrity We deliver what we promise and promise what we can deliver.


Intellectual curiosity We combine the deep curiosity of a researcher with the action orientation of a practicing manager.


Excellence We value ‘learner mindset’ and stay updated with the latest thought and practices.


Fun We bring our ‘heart’ and our ‘inner child’ to work.

Way of

We are the ‘outside insider’ in your business.

At the heart of the Renaissance Way of Working, is a genuine commitment to our customers’ business objectives. Our designs are based on your problem statement. We combine the objectivity of an outsider, with the contextual understanding and cultural sensitivity of the passionate insider. We roll up our sleeves, immerse in your business, and ensure that we not only speak your language, but also customise our inputs to your organisation. Often-repeated feedback from our clients is that ‘we find you easy to talk to’.



Dr. Anindita Banerjee

Anindita’s work is in the domain of inclusion, culture change


Gautam Sambhare

Gautam is a business development and sales management


Amitabh Basu

I have always been intrigued by why people behave in certain



Dr. Ranjan Banerjee

Ranjan is the founder of Renaissance Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. At Renaissance, he set up the Innovation & Change Management practice. He is an engineer from IIT-B, MBA from IIM-C, & Ph.D. in Marketing from Carlson School, University of Minnesota. He currently serves as Vice-Chancellor and Professor, Nayanta University.

Dr. Ranjan Banerjee

Our Partner

Over the years, we have invested in global strategic partnerships to supplement our offerings. This includes like-minded partners working at the intersection of practice & research.

Created in 1926 in France, Cegos has a strong legacy of work done in Human Resource Development, Training and Operational Consulting. Cegos is a global leader in professional development and is Europe’s largest training organisation. With over 28 offices in 50 countries, they train more than 200,000 people each year in over 14 languages. Our partnership with Cegos began way back in 2006. Website: http://www.cegos.com/en/