What Are Your Blindspots?

  • By Anindita on 08 Jan 2019
  • Diversity & Inclusion

As a simple test, if you were to ask someone “are you biased?”- your guess is as good as mine on what the answer will be. Even simpler, if you were to ask yourself, “am I biased?” – your most likely response will be “no, not me”.



Organizations are striving to build Inclusion. Inclusive culture can lead to concrete business benefits like greater innovation, increased productivity,   reduced attrition, better engagement with customers and stakeholders. But the   challenge is in moving from intent to concrete strategy and action. 

One of the key challenges comes in the form of unconscious biases.  

The term ‘Blindspot’ is often used as a metaphor for unconscious biases. Technically, when you are driving a car, blindspot is the area of the road that cannot be seen while looking forward or through either the rear-view or side mirrors. So, cars adjacent to you that fall into these blind spots may not be visible to you. These can lead to wrong actions, decision and even accidents!

This blog is an excerpt from the article of the same title (What Are Your Blindspots?) dated December 7 2018 published by People Matters.

To the read the complete article click the following link: https://www.peoplematters.in/blog/life-at-work/what-are-your-blindspots-20168